F9 Classes: Specialty Concrete Restoration, Acid Washing, Sealing and More!

F9 University - Hands On Training

Pressure Washing School and Concrete Restoration

 3.5 Days Hands-On Training Course

Registration on Day 1 at 7:30 AM. Coffee and Muffins. Lunch is on your own, everyday. Transportation can be arranged and provided to and from local hotels to job sites.

Classes are Wednesday through Saturday Afternoon and will be held in Palm Desert, CA.

  • Class 1: Wednesday May 10, 2017. Rust and Battery Stain Restoration and Sealing $699
  • Class 2: Thursday May 11, 2017. Gray Concrete Restoration and Sealing $899
  • Class 3: Friday and Saturday May 12th and 13th. Colored Concrete/Paver Restoration and Sealing $899

Purchase individual classes or purchase all at reduced rate of $1800.  No refunds.  Please call 855-803-1133 if you would like to split payments. Training hours at F9 University count towards UAMCC credit hours.

Upcoming Class

May 10-13, 2017

Come for one class, two classes or all three!

  • Day 1- Rust and Battery Stain Restoration/Sealing $699
  • Day 2-Gray Concrete Restoration and Sealing $899
  • Day 3/4-Colored Concrete or Paver Restoration and Sealing $899

Purchase all 3 classes at a reduced rate of $1997. Call 855-803-1133 for questions and to make payment.

I was seriously impressed with the level of hands-on training. I feel more equipped and confident to go get the bigger jobs in my market. Having this knowledge will make me an educated leader in my area, instead of just a contractor.

Chris Hartje  (Golden State Pressure Washing)


2 Hour Presentation: Sales, Marketing, ADA, Hazardous Stains, Slip and Falls, COF’s & Why We are Needed

  • Pressure washer selection: Hot vs. Cold, PSI vs. GMP
  • Wand selection
  • Chemical selection
  • Degreasers and acids
  • Surface cleaner selection
    • Adjustable vs non-adjustable
    • Tip selection
    • Causes of striping and damage
  • Environmental
    • Methods of water recovery
      • Vacuboom
      • Recovery surface cleaner
      • Gutter recovery
  • Safety
    • Boots and what kind
    • Gloves and what kind
    • Glasses
    • Respirators
  • Always have a plan!


Afternoon In the Field: Hands-On Rust & Battery Acid

Hands on rust and battery acid stain restoration and seal. Go through all steps necessary for worst-case rust or battery stain restoration.


In the Field: Turning An Ugly Slab into Something Beautiful

You will learn how to make concrete “perfect” or close to it. These techniques are unique to Front 9 Restoration and you will not learn these secrets anywhere else in the world. Learn how to always get your surface cleaner than your competition! Covers basics of acid washing, restoration, proper neutralization and a secret way to make concrete look “perfect”.

  • Remove calcium staining, calcium carbonate, hard water stains, even out concrete texture and color
  • Surface cleaner process and techniques with and without recovery
  • Etching and how to fix
  • Floor tool techniques and obstacle course
  • Edging and cutting in
  • Advanced Techniques & More


In the Field: Seal Gray Concrete From Day 2 & Perform Colored Concrete Restoration

Seal gray concrete from day before and perform restoration on colored concrete. May substitute pavers, riverstone or other substrate depending on work available. -Remove calcium staining, calcium carbonate, hard water stains, even out concrete texture and color. Worst case scenario situations.

  • More advanced techniques
  • Sealer options
  • Tips and tricks
  • More


Half Day

Seal colored concrete or pavers from day before.

  • Question/Answer Session
  • Certificates of Completion

Available Dates

May 10-13, 2017

Travel Information

You can fly into Palm Springs International airport.

Alternatively, check into flights at Ontario airport or LAX for cheaper flights, but this will require an hour to 2.5 hours travel into the Palm Desert area.