F9 BARC VS. One Restore

F9 BARC VS. One Restore -side by side             

Product testing performed by a neutral party, non-biased professional restoration contractor.

I have a building that needs to be cleaned in town here and I have been trying to find a product to really get the job done. I started with a full strength bleach mix which I thought would do the trick but it did absolutely nothing. I tried a second application and still no results.

I went back later and did a test spot with some one restore and it took off about 50% of the buildup which really looked a lot better but not quite as good as I wanted. I spoke with several brick experts to see what I was doing wrong (Besides the temperatures). Thanks to (other manufacturer’s reps) for going over the process with me to get the best results.

So today I went down to the building again to try another area to see if I could get any better results. Air temp was 45 degrees and the area I did was in the shade so the surface was definitely cool. Last night the temps were in the 30s as well.

For the process I applied the product to the test area and let it dwell for 10 min. Then I reapplied the product again and let it dwell again for 10 more min. Then I rinsed with cold water at about 1500 psi. When I end up doing the whole building I do not want to use too much pressure so we can avoid having to do a lot of tuck pointing. I wanted to see what the real results would be by using this method not just to try and impress the owner.

While I was there I decided to try some F9 to see how it would do on the metallic rust stains I saw and then just for fun I decided to see what it would do on the brick. Here are the pictures of my results.

One Restore Sprayed on left side-Right side untreated:


One restore Left side Right side F9: (note that the one restore is a much foamier product. The lack of visual chemical reaction had me expecting a much different result.)



One Restore left side-F9 Right side closeup:



One Restore left side- F9 right side: (after rinse)


This surprised me because if you look closely at the previous pictures you can see the one restore making the black run off the surface and the F9 appears to be doing nothing.


 One restore left-F9 right: (Closeup after rinse)

If you look at the runoff you can also see how the F9 took the rust stains out of the concrete with the little runoff evenly across the surface, where the One restore only took it off where the runoff was real heavy.

In this side by side comparison F9 BARC wins hands down.

Oh and on the rust stains…Best product I have EVER used.

Paul Kassander

The Power Wash Store
Mobi Clean Inc.